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Author/Creator Kari Martindale is a writer, ESL instructor, and lover of all things language.  Born in Philadelphia, PA, her educational background includes a Master’s degree in Linguistics, and various certificates and diplomas in foreign languages, linguistics, and translation.   Kari has visited all 50 States and over 35 countries around the world.  When she’s not globetrotting, she’s at home in Maryland with her husband, daughter, and dogs, who frequently inspire Kari’s writing.  Read into it what you will.

kari ann martindale with flash the flash seriesFor more information about Kari, visit Karilogue.

Illustrator Aaron Parrott has been drawing since he could hold a pencil. In addition to being a graphic designer, illustrator, visual artist, musician, and cartoonist, he, too, has enjoyed a career revolving around language and education.  His works include the webcomic “Goodbye Kitty”, the introspective series “Personal Demons”, and illustrations for Alan Corson’s “The Family Guide To Survival”.  Aaron lives in Wenatchee, Washington with his wife and incredibly adorable dog.  And he’s not biased.


For more information about Aaron, visit Look Outside Design & Illustration.